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Water Rafting

The Dandeli rafting trail stretches for around 12km, making it one of the most exciting and exhilarating stretches of rafting. The rapids in the Dandeli River Rafting can be classified into grade 2 and grade 3 rapids which are ideal for both professionals and inexperienced rafters. While Grade 2 rapids are relatively easy to maneuver with little bumps and easy passages, the grade 3 rapids require expert steering and an eye for detail for passing ways. However, due to the presence of skilled instructors, the activity is safe for amateur as well as experienced rafting professionals. The Dandeli water rafting adventure may sound like its dangerous, but is very safe and open for non-swimmers as well. This adrenaline pumping activity may take around 4 Hours to complete.

Your Dandeli River Rafting Adventure begins at around 09:00AM in the morning. Embark on a 45 minute to Ganeshgudi, which is the starting point of your adventure. Keep your eyes and ears open as you are provided with safety equipment, life jackets, helmets and pedals and briefed about the techniques and safety measures to take on the Dandeli River rafting experience. There will be a small ride in the boat after which the actual rafting begins. Pay heed to your leaders as they brief you about the safety measures to be taken while white water rafting. Trained and professional rafters are your guides as you plunge your boats into the rapids to experience mind-numbing thrill and excitement!

This adrenaline-charged trip downstream takes you through the rapids and lasts for almost one and a half hours. Navigate over bumpy rocks, narrow passageways and whooshing surfs of the Kali River to take full advantage of this energy packed experience. The grade 2 and grade 3 rapids of this river are sure to make your stomach churn, turn and do backflips as you experience the thrill of a lifetime! Take the exciting memories of this Dandeli River Rafting experience and commence on the ride back. Thereafter, this incredible experience will come to an end as you embark on the return journey to your destination!

Jungle Safari

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary consists of about 14 Tigers, 45 Elephants, Number of Bisons, deer and bear, barking deer and many more. This attracts many tourists to visit Dandeli. Jungle Safari is such an activity in which all the people of all age groups can take part, because you all are taken in an open jeep into the interiors of the thick jungle of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. You have a lot of chances to spot wild beasts of the Dandeli forest and for this you have to be lucky enough as the area is too vast, you may be lucky enough as the area is too vast, you may spot very few species among them. Except rainy all the seasons the open jeeps are ready to serve the tourist of Dandeli.


Adding to the list of bountiful attractions that Dandeli offers, Sykes Point is another fascinating destination in the Dandeli tourist spots. Located atop one of the most beautiful hill stations in Karnataka, Sykes Point is famous for the beautiful and mesmerizing views of the silently flowing River Kali for as far as one can see. Also, the point is an ideal location for the bird watchers. Sink in the serenity of this unusual yet beautiful place. Witness the awe-inspiring sunsets from the hilltop and lush green thick valleys.